It’s January (barely) 2016. And I’m back in Germany. The snob in me is not thrilled about it (I’m here for work and I’ve already been here before) but the humble me is happy about the opportunity. It’s Europe. It’s free. Come on.

Oh! Why you should rent a car in Germany? LOOK at my rental car..

This was my rental car! Standard! And last time I was here, I had a Benz. Promise you an Audi A5 isn’t standard rental material in the States. Took it out on the audobahn (aka the speed limit-less highway) and punked out at 110 MPH. Meanwhile, cars to the left were BREEZING by. The autobahn is cool but it’s scary. Cars come up behind you out of nowhere so PAY ATTENTION. Someone once told me there aren’t many high speed accidents but when there are, they’re always fatal. Don’t know how true that is but I can believe it.

She maxes out at 173 MPH. NO THANK YOU!

Before I arrived at Munich though, I endured 21 hours of delays and rerouting which included 6 extra hours of “down time” (yay) in the Dulles airport. Seems like it didn’t happen now that I’m here. That’s always my advice for getting through travel fiascos: once it’s over (and it will be over), you’ll be at you destination and it won’t matter anymore. Helps to also stay as polite as possible with the airport staff who may be trying to help you and if you have to break down, go to the bathroom and break down. Once, after multiple delays and cancellations coming back to the States from Japan, I went into the bathroom on my plane and just cried when the captain announced we’d have to sit on the Tarmac for two hours waiting for God only knows what. I got a free flight for that.

Back to Germany…

First meal of the stay, surprise surprise, not German food. I’m not a fan of German food. So I opted for Turkish. Kefta kabob anyone?IMG_1441


From here, I plan to blog once a week or so. PLAN lol. If nothing more than photo galleries. But I do have some interesting side trips planned while I’m here (I’m in Germany until April) so expect some posts about that.

Most importantly, if you’re reading this and you’re in Germany, interested in Germany or just see something you like, let me know! #LetsConnect

Auf Wiedersehen!