I think it’s time to saddown somewhere. Maybe for just a few months at least. But this is actually good news for the blog. Keep reading…


This whole urban travel movement may seem like a booming novelty. Millennials and young professionals seem to be stacking passport stamps at a higher rate than any other demographic right now. There are many factors behind this, to include that we have more disposable income than ever and are starting families later and later. So what’s a person to do with this money and free time (besides save, invest, take care of business, blah blah blah)? Well, travel, of course. And for brown folk, travel, particularly international travel, isn’t a thing that most of us grew up doing. So we’re going pretty hard now.

I say “we” because I fit the demo. BUT, this is not new for me. I’ve been traveling internationally (generally solo) for more than 10 years. So I’m getting fatigued! I’ve hit something like 30 countries in the last few years alone. Not a huge country count compared to the major leagues but respectable enough. I mean, I maxed out my passport early for the love of God.

What I plan to do from here:

  • Focus on the few must-go spots on my “list”. The travelers know why “list” must be in quotes. The list is hiiiighly fluid. Next up though: Russia. This is already deep in the works so stay tuned for Russia posts.
  • Work on blog archives. I’ve got notes and pics and tips from dozens of interesting places. From as recent as Panama in 2015 back to China in 2008. From weekend trips to Iceland to five months of living in Japan. I have a lot that hasn’t been chronicled and if I could just sit still for a minute, maybe I could put pen to paper. Well, fingers to keyboard. Whatever. You get it.
  • REST. And I mean actively rest. Like take a chill pill but keep stacking my points and miles in the meantime. When I travel, I like to do it cheaply or for free.
  • Regroup to refresh. Most of my travel has been through Europe, North America and Asia. I have a LOT of places to still see. So my new travel focus will be through Africa and South America. I believe that by moving on to new parts of the planet, this will refresh and renew my vigor to get back out there. I also work full-time so if I could just figure out what to do about my pesky job, I’d be much less tied up when it comes to traveling.


This blog started out as a way for me to let my family and friends keep up with me as I hopped around all over the place. It’s evolved into not just that, but now also a means to share answers to the most commonly asked questions I keep getting about my various destinations. I’ll keep doing that. The irony is that as I take a little break and travel less, I’ll be able to share more. And really, I’m looking forward to getting back to my love of just writing!

Coming soon:

  • Two months in Europe – 2016
  • The Russian visa process and why Travisa is AWESOME
  • A long weekend in Greece?
  • Dream trip: Antarctica. Because who goes there.


This is Iceland, not Antartica. But hey, close. Actually….not at all close. At all.                     But the snow is pretty.


Questions, comments or input? Feel free to comment below. Especially if you’ve been to Russia or Greece recently. Let’s connect!