Day 1.

Um. What am I doing here? I feel like when I went to Panama. Matter fact, it could be Panama. There’s another girl here, Ike, and she’s also been to Panama. She agrees it feels the same here. It’s very…Cuba. Rundown and dusty and Cuba. So, the trip itself has been smooth today. No issues with flights. Leading up to the trip, I’ve been dreading how long it is. 7 days is long.

So I got here. Got questioned at the airport. Found my taxi driver outside holding up my name. Got to the main program casa. Took a cat nap and waited for my host to get me to my room. Got settled in my room at a partner casa. It’s like a jail cell in here. No window. Bad beds. I asked my host about different room but there seemed to be no other options. Napped again until Ike arrived. We decided to just stay in the windowless room. Any changes would mean an increase in price. Did humdrum things and settled back in the room around 10:15pm-ish. Nothing eventful today.

I’m actually glad I have someone to talk to in the room. Otherwise, it’d be worse. I’m aware that it’s just day one so I don’t wanna jump to conclusions about Cuba. But so far, I’m underwhelmed.

First views of Cuba
Used to be homes. Now a parking place for a jeep.
Elaborate door opening system
Elaborate door opening system. High tech stuff.
Casa bathroom. At least it’s [semi] private. There was no door. Only a curtain.
And I’ve stayed in plenty of hostels. Let me say that. So I’m not being bougie. At least a window would have made this better.
Slats under my bed were broken. But. It’s Cuba so.