I’ve been in Germany a few weeks now but you wouldn’t know it. I’ve shared my experiences en masse with no one thus far. A byproduct of being super busy, I assure you. And also not knowing whether I wanted to continue at WordPress or start over at tumblr.

Jenks (my mom) and sister have been in town for the weekend. Flew into Munich, we stayed in the city Friday night and then headed down to the Neuschwanstein castle (aka the Disney castle) for way too much of the day Saturday, arriving back to my [apparently] illegally parked car just as the German polizei were ordering the tow. Um, thank you, Jesus, for good timing. 5 mins later and this trip woulda gone a whole notha direction. Paid my “ticket” in cash to the officer on the spot [felt SOME kinda way about that] and he let us go on our way. Got to my place on base around 11pm, slept like 4 hours and then up this mornin’ for Prague.

Soooo Prague. Pictures are worth more than my words. It’s not a beautiful city until you get to the part that you expect to be beautiful: all of midtown or town center or whatever they call it. Now THAT was spec-tac-u-lar. Mission Impossible scenery and all. The Charles Bridge, the architecture, I actually couldn’t believe I was there. Had never planned to see Prague in my lifetime. And now that I think about it, most of Europe so far is really architecturally stunning. There’s an oldness, a history to the structures that we don’t have in America. Even in the oldest cities. The closest I’ve seen so far is Boston, with good reason. But still.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened in the city. Nothing worth penning. We were warned against pick-pockets and fake police and thieves by several independent sources so I kept expecting to get robbed or sold into human trafficking. And we were approached by some sketchies. I think I broke a nail I was clutching my bag so tight to my chest. [No Czechs takin’ me down without a fight] But alas, no problems, not a one. Just a gorgeous city, surprisingly excellent food and an experience I had never even planned on. #blessed