Decided to take the train into Tokyo one Thursday night and encountered this fella. Funny thing is, I don’t think he had any idea why I wanted to take a pic with him. There’s quite a bit of black-friendliness in Japan. To my super surprise (and relief). Guess I shoulda picked up on that with all the blasian babies running ’round here. No purse-clenching, no staring, no fear in the eyes. Nothing. Well, nothing noticeable. Especially in Tokyo, Yokohama and Yokosuka, the three most visited cities in Japan. Maybe I’m just jaded from China, idk. But then again, went to Chinatown (yeah, Chinatown in Japan), and a young ESL local says to me “I like you heyah, it’s a beautiful heyah” and gestures towards my twisted tresses. Oh, he likes my HAIR! Ha. That’s cute. Just don’t touch it. Thanx.