By now, it’s been a little under 3 weeks and I’m feeling at home. A few things about life on base: there’s random alarms, soldiers walking around with rather large guns, protests at the gates and protocol every where. i.e.: stop walking/driving/MOVING when the national anthem plays on the loud speakers, ask permission to step foot on (or off of) the ships, don’t even try to learn all the millions of military ranks (just call everyone sir or ma’am), and do NOT test the Japanese. You will go to jail.

Protecting the Pacific Seas Off to work I <3 my country

Oh and you better be darn sure you ask permission before taking pictures of the gates (learned that the hard way, almost got my camera confiscated). But other than all that, this life is a breeze. Japan is uber safe, the locals are helpful, and there’s mixed culture and tall people. Lady Liberty keeps me company from across the street [ironic]. Oh and please note how the mural of the world is all bright and colorful, meanwhile Korea’s all blacked out. Hmmm…