Trying something new with my photo sharing so PLEASE COMMENT if the photo link doesn’t work or the photos don’t show or something. This web host offers a limited amount of media space and I took about 6 million photos in San Francisco I just decided to post the link to my San Fran google photos page! You can view all million of the unedited (because I ain’t got time fa dat) photos and comment away.

Summary of what you’re about to see:

Day 1, Saturday: Arrived in sunny San Francisco and it happened to be Fleet Week. So I was blessed to see the air show twice (including the famous US Navy’s Blue Angels). After the first air show ended around 4 PM, I did a walk-through of my hostel for the day then explored the city, including Lombard Street. Back to the hostel for dinner in the cafe, then called it a night.

Day 2, Sunday: Breakfast in the hostel and Lyft to the Golden Gate Bridge. Walked the mile and a half across the bridge to the Marin County side. Found out that was a mistake because there is NOTHING over there except Vista Point lookout so my hope of catching public transit or a cab back across the bridge was nil. Thank God for Double D (and yes, I did approach him out of all the other tour bus drivers because he was young and black). Double D let this stranded orphan hop on his bus and ride back to the city side, via a [free] tour of the very ritzy Sausalito. Score. Back on the city side, the entire bridge had disappeared into the fog so good thing I went out in the AM. Moved to my next hostel for the day (a nightmare) and then made it to my Alcatraz tour. Apparently, the tour sells out weeks in advance but God was on my side. Among the many other things He’s busy doing, leaving one lonely ticket to Alcatraz for me was on the list. Did a midday Alcatraz tour and was fortunate enough to catch that second Air Show with a gorgeous unobstructed view from Alcatraz Island. After Alcatraz, wasted way too much time and then got to the new Black Panthers exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California only an hour before closing. Took as many photos of exhibits as possible to read carefully later. So you’re enjoying the museum almost the same way I did: by reading it here. Last stop, a quick photo at Fruitvale Station because I’m a TV/movie tourist. *pours one out for the homie*

Day 3, Monday: Almost time to leave the Bay Area but first, went to see the Painted Ladies (any other 90s kids in here?), sighting seeing in the Haight-Ashbury district and [accidentally] down Castro Street and that’s it. Time to fly. Next stop, Australia.

Keep in mind, I wasn’t even supposed to spend time in San Francisco. This was originally just a layover on my way to Oz. But as Hurricane Matthew would have it, I needed to get out Raleigh early. Keep NC in your prayers, by the way. As of the time of this blog, from what I understand, much of the eastern part of the state is still flooded.

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