Photographic collection of the food I ate. Restaurant and street. Come dine with me!


First night. Didn’t start off too hot. Frozen, mushy shrimp. It gets better though.
You would think an island would have great seafood. Something about the currents though, fishing isn’t a huge industry in Havana.
Standard breakfast of fruit and toast. Best mangos ever though.
Cuba staples: pork and rice
Family style veggies at the casa
Second night out. Dining at Los Nardos per the recommendation of our hosts.
Lamb in a rosemary gravy, rice and beans and veggies. Lamb was tasty, though not very Cuban. Veggies were meh but at least it was something green. You can go rice overload here easily.
Pierna de Cerdo Asada: Oven roasted pork, rice, black beans, tamale (mashed corn, it was heavenly) and malanga (a root vegetable)
Pork and rice! What else LOL. Lunch at the casa was tasty though. Gotta get used to those avocados. They’re large and more obviously fruit versus the small hass avocados that I love.
Street food. Hamburguesas. About $2 each. And surprisingly awesome after eating days and days of pork.
I was gonna try a sangria. Ended up tasting just like cranberry juice. YUM!
Heard legend of one lone Japanese woman who lives in Old Habana and has a sushi shop. Of course. I had to find it! That’s lobster sushi for about $0.50.
Lobster sushi was VERY fishy. And prepared by a very spirited, wonderful little lady in a very hot little corner store-let with no sanitation grades. So. Yeah. I got sick. BUT I can say I had sushi in Cuba LOL.
Pork ton-kastsu in a crepe. Absolutely spectacular. I could eat this every day.
Black girl finds Japanese lady in Cuba. The rest is history.
Coco glase’. On the list of my favorite street food. Actually…all the street food was on the list of my favorite street food. I ate two of these in one day. It’s coconut ice cream (?) in a coconut half shell with a sprinklet of chocolate. Cost: about $0.50. Location: Soda Obispo at the corner of Obispo and Villegas.
HUGE glasses of fresh mango juice. Get some. Location: the cafe directly across from the small market on Obispo. La Caribena I think.
And authentic Cuban sandwiches in Cuba. Same place.
Lunch as the casa. Pork and rice, in a new form. I believe the mashed substance was some sort of yucca or potato.
70 types of pork on my pizza from Esquina. 70 types of delicious. Corner of Espada and Habana.
Four cheese gnocchi. Same place. This pic doesn’t do it justice.
The group at Esquina. Dinner under the soft amber street lights. Slight breeze. Good convo. It was a perfect evening.
Beeeeeeest ropa vieja ever. Location: 157 Compestela.
Congrejitas! Fried guava. Please get some. And then get some for me and mail them. Thanks in advance. Cost $0.03 each!
Pulpo (squid) at the best place in Old Habana: 304 O’Reilly. It’s not on the menu but the owner is awesome and made it two nights in a row by special request.
Never had plantain tea before.
Perfect recipe for budding illness. Plantain tea and mango.
For lunch at 157 Compestela, our program director told the chef to make us something non-porky. We had vegetarians in the group who were apparently over it. So out comes spaghetti. But not before the chef came out to explain to us that just in case it’s not good, spaghetti isn’t his normal forte. It was good though.
Banana chips (which we devoured), spaghetti sauce (which was not spicy, despite the habanero garnish) and cheese (which was so natural it sent at least two of our group to the bathroom)
These mangos though! Huge and juicy and the best I’ve ever had.
Sitting at the bar at 304 O’Reilly. At one point, the bartender just started posing for me as he finished his drinks. They were all so pretty! And I heard they were quite tasty too ^_^
304 O’Reilly, the final supper
I probably couldn’t have had a better last meal. Grilled shrimp, veggies and plantain chips.